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Weeds are flowers too - once you get to know them.

- A. A. Milne

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some Summer/Fall Photos

I didn't take nearly as many photographs this year as in years past. Mostly because Hilary is at least as good a photographer and has a better camera. So I ceded a lot of that business to her. (You can see many of the delightful results at her blog.)

I did take a few though. Here's some of the ones I liked. (You can click on each photo to see them enlarged. Then hit your back button to return to the post.)

Benny waits on the dock for me to come play with those long fishing sticks again.

Nearly the same perspective on a different day. Son #1, sitting in the back of one of the boats, tries to keep sight of his float against the gathering gloom.

Back at home, the field and trees look freshly washed after a passing summer storm.

Autumn has settled in. The proud gold of still-robust leaves is dwindling into a resigned brown. But the sumacs' splashes of red defy winter's onset.

Ben checks on my whereabouts as we walk along a leaf-strewn path.

Bushes, weeds and trees gather golden light from the setting sun.

A peek inside the south cedar grove during that magical twilight time.

The field's tallest tree is lit from below by the sun's fading fire.


Travis Erwin said...

Beautiful as y'alls pictures always are.

Hilary said...

Some great shots of places I've come to know very well. That last one is magical. I'll check back for winter pics in May. ;)

Leah J. Utas said...

Magnificent. The rain-washed field reminded me of the farm.
The golden light pic looked like a glorious watercolor and I could go on and on about that magical cedar grove, but oh! the setting sun behind the tree.

Frank Baron said...

Thanks Travis.

Glad you liked them Hil. And I suppose I'll take a few more this winter. :)

Your enthusiasm delights me Leah. Thanks. :)

Stace said...

I still love your photos, Frank :) Not to detract from Hilary, naturally... hehe

Anonymous said...

Spiritually beautiful, Frank. You and the pics. You can't take pics like that if you don't have that essence inside you.


Frank Baron said...

Thanks Stace. :) (I'd say something about my superior photographic skills but she's here beside me right now....) ;)

Why thank you Lisa. What a day-brightener! :)

Dianne said...

these are lovely - great light, wonderful composition.

you should do this more often!!

and of course any photo with Benny in it is an immediate winner ;)

I love that you called him Ben in one caption. it fit his expression

Michelle H. said...

All of them are beautiful. But I must say, the last one is absolutely breathtaking!

Reb said...

Wonderful photos Frank. that cedar grove is magical in itself I think. The last photo is stunning.

Frank Baron said...

Thanks Dianne. You're making me blush. ;)

Thanks mlh. Your praise sounds so natural. Almost like I didn't pay you $5. :)

Thanks Reb. The cedar groves do indeed seem to have a certain magical aura about them. It's difficult to explain but I can feel it when I'm there.

Anonymous said...

I can almost see Pan and his tree sprites in the cedar grove pic, where was that one taken?
sister Lisa

Lulda Casadaga said...

I'm visiting via Hilary...Lovely photo's here also...I'm jealous, I want to see it in person! ;) Just love that dock pic...

Tell Ben that me & BeBe (my female Boston Terrier) just love em and we send him some kisses & hugs from Virginia!! My Black lab Frisco only wants to jump off that dock! :)

Frank Baron said...

Hey Lisa. It was taken across the road about a half-mile or so from the house.

Hi Lulda! Thanks for the kinds visit and the kind words. Ben appreciates the love too. :)

Kappa no He said...

Ben blends right in!

And that south cedar grove is something out of Lord of the Rings. They are all so gorgeous!

Michelle H. said...

You're paying me $5? Wow! I am cheap!

Frank Baron said...

You're right Terrie. There is an Ent-ish air to old cedars. And they have wrinkly skin like elephants.

Not cheap Michelle. Affordable. ;)

MagnoliaGirl said...

Your photos are the next best thing to being there! I find myself looking forward to them every year...:)

Frank Baron said...

Glad you enjoy MG. Thanks for letting me know. :)

Matt said...

Those are great pictures, especially the last one.

I like the subtle rainbow in the third one as well.

Around here all I have to shoot is rocks and cactus.

Frank Baron said...

Thanks Matt. You live in a desert-like area? I'll bet you can get some pretty spiffy photos there too - especially early morning and twilight.

Annie Wicking said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures with us.

Best wishes to you & Ben..


Frank Baron said...

Thanks Annie, from both of us. I'll pass it along to Ben. :)