Wish I'd Said It

Weeds are flowers too - once you get to know them.

- A. A. Milne

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some Words & Pics (#238)

Along about the tail end of winter, Sons #1 & 2 went out into the field to do a little hunting. It was a cold, dreary day and you'd think most self-respecting varmints would have the sense to stay curled up in their lairs. And I guess most probably did.

One didn't.

Despite their low expectations, the lads wandered around the field, taking turns waving their weapon - a stick.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a white blur leaped and clamped his jaws onto the stick wielded by Son #2! The battle was on!

The furious fangfest lasted a full five minutes. Finally, #2's superior height advantage began to takes its toll and with a final quiver, it was over.

The boys had bagged a rare Spotted Southern Canadian JRT, locally known as a Benny. (Remember, click on each pic if you'd like to see a larger version.)

That'll likely do for the wordy part of the program. From here, I'll restrain myself to a line or two introducing each pic.

Once we got the critter home he roused himself and we didn't have the heart to re-stick him. So we decided to keep him. For a day or two he pined for the fields. Or maybe it was for a squirrel. But he got over it.

We've had far more than our share of dreary days this Spring. It's like living in Britain or Vancouver. Truth to tell, I don't mind it all that much when it comes to photography. Colour saturation is great on wet days and of course, mood is much more present than on a typical sunny day.

I like the melancholy, meditative mood of this photo of my kitchen window.

There's a pond near Hilary's house that dishes out wonderful photo opportunities, as the many visitors to her blog will attest. This bench overlooks one end of the pond.

This Spotted Sandpiper didn't mind the rain a bit. He was busy fishing below the dam at the other end of the pond.

You might be wondering about that saturated colour I mentioned. Here's a wee sample of what I meant.

Some of the Creator's handiwork relies heavily on damp days to ease their transportation issues.

There are two large, beautiful willow trees bracketing the pond. Even on a gloomy day, they're majestic. This one is the older of the two and still early on in the leafing process.

The next photo post will feature some of my feathered, furred and finned buddies. Stay tuned.