Wish I'd Said It

Weeds are flowers too - once you get to know them.

- A. A. Milne

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Through A Lens Icily

A few winter photos from southern Ontario - most taken at my beloved creek a hundred yards from my house:

That little dark blob you almost see is what I call a snow bug. On sunny, not-too-frigid days, you can see them crawling along the top of the snow or ice. What we have here are actually two of the little critters doing, um...what comes naturally to all species who want to leave some DNA behind.

This one was taken near a friend's house. It's a lovely pond nestled in the midst of a big city. The willow tree is a magnificent specimen. Too bad they're so short-lived.

Added this one and the following two today (the 22nd). We had a very heavy snowfall for an hour or so early this morning. This pic of part of my backyard was taken through glass which emphasizes the ghostly aspect of the scene.

These two were taken from my front steps (no glass intervening). Yes, I still have my wee Christmas lights up.

Christmas is a state of mind - not a season!


Anne C. Watkins said...

Brrr...now I'm cold. ;)

What gorgeous pictures! I especially like the touch of color in the last two--the glow of amber amidst the stark black and white surroundings--beautiful.

Guess you wouldn't be impressed with the snow flurries we had last weekend, huh? lol

mogie222 said...

Insect Porn.

Althea said...

Aww pretty pictures :) I'm still kinda glad we don't get snow like you lot do. I'm more than happy to stay well above 0C.
On that note, there is less than a week until Spring fires up and your snow might think about melting. :)

Frank Baron said...

Oh, you never know Anne. I'm easily impressed. :)

Mog - porn, like beauty....:P

Althea, I'd definitely miss snow if we didn't have it. But I could do with less of it. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Frank! (Oh, and I'm very glad we're not the only family with holiday lights still outside...)

Frank Baron said...

Thanks Amy. I'm glad to have company in the light department too. :)

bethjura said...

i like pictures no 2 and 3 best. would love to be there in the snow but only for ten minutes!


Frank Baron said...

Oh, if you dressed properly Beth, you could take it for 15, even 20 minutes. ;)