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- A. A. Milne

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lisa Nowak, Jon Stewart & the Media - Shame All Around

The lady astronaut who snapped. Jeepers! Such a fuss. Every news station was in overdrive. Headline writers were salivating. Jon Stewart milked the story mercilessly until it was udderly spent.

Certainly the details were newsworthy: the mallet, the Mace, the rubber tubing and yes, the diapers. The haggard appearance of Ms Nowak that appeared on front pages everywhere contrasted sharply with that of someone supposedly possessed of the Right Stuff.

Jon Stewart is a father. I wonder if he considered Mr. Nowak, or the Nowaks' three children? Seems to me not many have. They have to be hurting to see their wife and mother's meltdown splashed across every newspaper, radio, television and computer on the planet.

I don't think it's funny. I think it's really very sad. Luckily, the media has the attention span of a gnat and will soon move on.

Hang in there Nowak family. Not everyone is taking pleasure in your pain.


Anonymous said...

You're right.. so I'll give it some more thought before uploading that video of your.. "episode" to YouTube...


Othmar Vohringer said...

It sure is sad to see the press behaving like hyenas pouncing at their already hurt and defenseless prey to shreded it to peaces.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Othmar Vohringer said...


I meant shreded to pieces.

Must make mental note: "Before posting read it over again." lol

Frank Baron said...

Thanks q. You're a peach. :P

Othmar, you're right. Although I got a degree in Journalism, the vulture-ish aspect of the job kept me from pursuing a career in it.

uniquematerial said...

The things they think we care about. Pish.
If the news they peddle these days were sugar - we'd all have diabetes. :p

Joanne said...

Frank, it is sad that the media would abash a family in an already embarrassing situation. The Nowak family would have better odds in the wilderness surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves.

Maybe the media should concentrate on some of the good being done in this world. A little sugar with the spice. ;)

Frank Baron said...

Unique - great line! You know, you should really do some blogging. :)

Frank Baron said...

I hear ya Jo. It would be nice if every news program had a good-news segment every hour or so.

Jenna said...

I like you, Frank.

I wonder whether it's the media driving us, or us driving the media. Is it that the public loves to revel in others' pain, or just that the media thinks we do? Gah. It all makes me sad.

Frank Baron said...

I like you too Jenna. :)

I've gone round n' round on the questions you've posed and come to no real determination except that each seems to feed on the other. Each certainly needs the other. Kind of a yucky symbiotic relationship.

mogie222 said...

Frankie Baby,
I must disagree on this one. I saw the Stewart piece, and think he did a good job of satirizing how the story was being covered. He started by coming up with cruel headlines only to demonstrai they were already "taken" by various news agencies and publications. He ended with a headline which was respectful and demonstrated the tragedy of the situation. Haven't seen it in a while, so I can't recall the wording, but I felt he made his point.

We can disagree and still be friends. That's a good feeling. But I am right. And you're not. But you're still my friend. Kinda.

Frank Baron said...

Mogie you ignorant slut*:

I think Stewart started out satirizing as you said but he could have made his point effectively in 90 seconds. Instead he dragged it out for 10 minutes, ultimately engaging in the same sort of overkill he was supposedly mocking.

I love you too dear. :)

* Hope you're old enough to remember Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtain on Weekend Update.

mogie222 said...

With that sort of attitude, I shall not tear open my blouse to display my lovely bust. so THERE.


Frank Baron said...