Wish I'd Said It

Weeds are flowers too - once you get to know them.

- A. A. Milne

Monday, February 01, 2016

Well, I Didn't Say Forever

Apparently someone on the Interweb left this thing plugged in. And here I thought Blogger was slain by Facebook. I may have to blow the dust off my keyboard and write something. If I can scrape the rust off my brain....


messymimi said...

Hello, again!

Barbara Martin said...

Well, I've always thought Facebook was a bit overboard. Nice to hear from you again, though.

Frank Baron said...

Hiya Mimi. Hey Barb. Godblessya for noticing. :)

I'm not entirely comfy Facebooking, at least when it comes to anything more than a paragraph or three. (But look me up as my name in Maynooth, ON, if you'd like.) Formatting feels constrained and kind of clunky there. Although it might take me some time to get re-used to Blogger's peculiarities as well.

In any event, I feel some stories coming on and I'll out 'em somewhere, sometime. ;)