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- A. A. Milne

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Everything

Last week at Hilary's I went for a wee walk one evening, camera in tow. Had what I thought was a clever idea for a Christmas post on my photo blog: wander around the streets and take night shots of the Christmas lights and displays on folks' lawns.

So, I did. Most of the shots were okay but something was missing. Snow, for one. Southern Ontario is green and Christmas lights lose some zing without that white backdrop. Reviewing the pics, I reluctantly decided to shelve the idea.

One photo kept nagging at me, though. I liked it. Somehow, it hinted at perhaps my favourite aspect of Christmas: a child's wonder.

Yeah, a chubby elf-like balloon and a silver deer. But it works for me.


I'm a longtime Dave Letterman fan. Been watching him and Paul do their thing for about 30 years. I try never to miss his Christmas broadcast, mostly because it features Darlene Love singing Christmas (Baby, Please Don't Go).

Every year she's wonderful. Every year, I wonder if she can possibly pull it off again. She answered this year's question last night.

I hope you all find a measure of peace and contentment this season and that it sustains you throughout a healthy and prosperous 2012.

Now, let's enjoy Ms. Love's 25th appearance on Dave's show, doing what she does best: creating a joyful noise and offering it up to the world.

Crank up those speakers, do up those seatbelts, and have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!


Tabor said...

Wishing you and Hilary and all your loved ones a wonderful happy season!

Leah J. Utas said...

Merry Christmas. Hope you have a wonder-filled 2012.

Anvilcloud said...

Well done. I haven't tried any night photos of any kind in a long while. Merry Christmas.

ellen abbott said...

and to you also.

Hilary said...

Beautiful photo, that is.

Fabian said...

Loved the picture! Merry Xmax to you, Hilary and all your loved ones!

PS: Check my pictures on my tumblr link =)

Bruce Robinson said...

Merry Everything to you and those you effect, Frank. Shiny object. Gotta go.

Linda at To Behold The Beauty said...

Love the photo you chose to share and the application you gave it. Merry Christmas, Frank.

June said...


Can't listen to Darlene Love right now because everybody's asleep. I'll come back later.

Zia said...

Merry Christmas and a totally happy New Year Frank .. to you and Hilary and your respective mobs ... may this be the year of great wow and magick at every corner ! Regardless of how long is in the big picture I wish you the best of the journey and the bumps of joy as they happen along the road ! From oor hoose to your hoose ... Slainte Mhath !!! xx

messymimi said...

Merry Christmas, and may this next year bring you all you can hope for.

Reena said...

Letterman fan as well ... and she's a delight to watch! Merry Christmas!

Dianne said...

your photo just wraps my heart with warmth Frank
it gave me good tears :)

I love Dave and always look forward to the Christmas show
I like that Dave has non-traditional traditions and that he's loyal to people like Darlene, as he was with Warren Zevon

Darlene is a force of nature
CBS Morning Show did a piece on her and it floored me when I realized she's 70
holy crackers Frank
how do I get to be 70 like that?

lovely post
hugs to the furry one
and the feathery one
and the gorgeous one

Frank Baron said...

- Thanks, Tabor. And to you and yours.

- Thanks, Leah. If I keep my eyes and ears open, I expect it will be. Same back atcha.

- Thanks, AC. I think you'll enjoy night shooting. Today's digitals with their amazing ISO adjustments make it much less of a guessing game than back in the film days.

- Thanks, Ellen,

- Merci, Hil. :)

- Thanks, Fabian. (Email me that link.)

- And to you and yours, Bruce. Thanks for the unrelenting positivity. :)

- Thank you, Linda. And to you and yours. :)

- Glad you liked, June.

- Thanks, Zia. You're a peach. An Oddsie peach. ;)

- Thanks, mimi. All the best to you and yours, too.

- And to you, MM. :)

- Dianne, she's a marvel all right. (Her and Tina.) As are you. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Hugs back at you. :)

Grayquill said...

It was good both the singing and Christmas at the GQ home. I hope you have a great New Year.

Jeannine Garsee said...

Goosebumps!!! Thanks for posting.

Frank Baron said...

GQ, glad you had a good one. Same to you in 2012.

Thanks for visiting, Jeannine. :)

Fabian said...

Just click on my name...

Frank Baron said...



Anonymous said...

Merry Happy to you. Thanks for taking the time to rate my photos :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Happy to you. Thanks for taking the time to rate my photos :)

Skunkfeathers said...

I hope it was a very Merry Christmas for you, Ms Hilary, and all in your neck of the woods! A Happy New Year as well...my pet rock Seymour and my bogus company, Bonco, have fixed the calendar gaffe that the Mayans didn't, so no worries in '12 ;-)

Kappa no He said...

Merry Christmas, Frank! Am I like super late to this post or what? Hope you are doing well. I miss you guys.