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- A. A. Milne

Monday, June 21, 2010

Music (#223)

Hiya folks.

I've been away at the family cottage for the last few days and, after a whirlwind few hours back home, I'll be returning there tomorrow.

I'm not sure when exactly, I'll be writing the next "proper" post. Summer seems to be kinda hectic these days -- but in a good way.

In the meantime, I'm going to post a couple of YouTube videos I particularly enjoy. I hope you will too.

One of my favourite musical genres of the 60s and 70s was Southern Rock -- the kind of sound popularized by the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyd, The Band and Little Feat. Probably my favourite practitioners of that kind of rock was a band called Wet Willie. It was fronted by a guy named Jimmy Hall. Jimmy's got a great set of pipes and can blow a sax the way you just know a sax likes to be blown.

(Let's get all the wet willie and great sax jokes out of the way right now, shall we?)

...Done?...A couple more? Okay...


As far as I knew, the band stopped recording in the mid-late 70s. I didn't know that Jimmy, and at least some of the original band, was still playing as recently as a few years ago. Now, thanks to the wonder of the Interweb and YouTube, I do. And I was thrilled to see, that at least in 2002, they could still kick musical derriere.

In the following clip, Jimmy and the boys, aided by his sister, Dee, let rip a terrific version of one of my favourite tunes of theirs, Street Corner Serenade. That they appear to be playing in front of about 17 people doesn't seem to faze anybody, especially Jimmy.

Turn up your speakers and enjoy.

My other favourite band of the 70s was the aforementioned Little Feat. Fronted by the incomparable, and too-soon-gone, Lowell George, the band combined boogie with country and bluegrass and blues to form a wonderful sound.

One of their simplest tunes, a ballad espousing the lonely life of a trucker, became one of their few hits. Like Wet Willie, Little Feat didn't get the airplay I think they deserved. The clip I'm featuring next is a song that my friends and I used to play and sing on the porch on summer evenings -- fueled by a little weed and a little wine. It's called Willin'. The video isn't great but the sound isn't too bad.

Crank those speakers, kids. I hope you enjoy.


Grayquill said...

A writer and a musician, hmmmm...I think you should put yourself on you tube :)
That is one nice sax... willin didn't do much for me though.
I hope you have a nice vacation

June said...

I don't know how all those people in the Wet Willie video weren't *moving*! Great!

Dianne said...

see now I can't stop thinking about the correlation between Little Feat and Wet Willies

oh wait, was that Big Feet and ...

I'm so confused

I need a few days at a cottage ;)

Happy Summer
May it be filled with great sax ... music

Charlie said...

I'll have to listen later 'coz I be at work right now. I've been a Little Feat fan for a loooong time. Lowell George was a great musician who did indeed leave us too soon.

Frank Baron said...

Hi GQ. Glad you enjoyed at least one of them. And we had a great time at the cottage. (With more to come, I hope.)

Glad you liked it, June. Thanks for the visit. :)

Ha, Dianne! You're a hoot! (And so far, there's no complaint about the summer's...music....) ;)

Hope you remembered to check 'em out, Charlie. Thanks for the visit.

My apologies for the tardy replies, folks. I've been away and returned to computer woes. All should be well in that department soon, though. (I hope.)

Bruce Robinson said...

When I was young I hung out with musicians and was with a live act or six every week. I didn't bu much music because I was in it.

A current friend has a house with a pool and has been playing lots of recently downloaded hits from our younger days. I spend hours in that pool.

I provide recorded music, like a DJ, but not, for events. Recent;y, I did some bull roast events and acquired a lot of new music. The guests all want to ask for the new stuff until they see the library, then its back to where I came from.

Little Feat & Wet Willy - the images. Thanks for the memories.

Frank Baron said...

Glad you enjoyed, Bruce. I appreciate you taking the time to say so.