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- A. A. Milne

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twit Of The Year - And More! (#212)

Well folks, we’re not just peeking over our shoulder at a year slipping into the past but a whole darn decade.

Dang. You know you’re getting old when decades whisk by like seasons used to.

It’s been a remarkable one for a host of reasons, led by two numbers which came to represent a new, world-wide reality: 9/11.

~ The election of a mixed-race man to the office of President of the United States was certainly a notable event. (More’s the pity.) Surely, it will hasten the day when race, gender and sexual orientation play no part in deciding who is fit to lead a nation.

~ It was a decade in which global terrorism both helped and hindered the spread of tolerance. It subjected many innocent Muslims and people of Mid-Eastern descent to uncomfortable scrutiny and even outright bigotry. At the same time, identifying a small minority of fanatics who pose a real danger to the world helped put into a more realistic perspective the “threat” posed by such horrors as gay marriage and female clergy.

~ Personally, my path took many turns. It was a tumultuous time, featuring the death of my wife, the closing of my business, my Stupid Heart Attack, the publication of my book and the arrival in my life of Hilary and Benny. (There were other high and low-lights but I’ll leave their recounting to my Boswell.)

~ There were many falls from grace. Tiger Woods’ belly flop probably came from the loftiest height. It’ll take a goodly chunk of Tiger’s money to try to knit together the tatters of his reputation. Serves him right. He was a twit.

~ But I have to award the Twit of the Year to Michael Vick. (Background for those unfamiliar with him: He was a multi-million dollar quarterback in the NFL who served 18 months in prison for running a dog fighting ring. His treatment of the dogs was horrifying, killing those who lost by drowning or electrocuting them. After serving his time, he was allowed back into the NFL and is poised to re-make millions of dollars.)

Vick is not my choice because he’s an asswipe who tortured dogs. He’s my choice because, upon receiving an award from his teammates, he had the gall to say: “I've overcome a lot, more than probably one single individual can handle or bear.”

He doesn’t get it.

18 months in prison plus a million-dollar contract (and an option for $5.2 million next year) does not add up to overcoming more than a single individual can bear!

I think he needs to talk to parents who’ve buried children or children whose Daddy isn’t coming home from Afghanistan or maimed soldiers who left body parts on foreign soil.

But I suspect even then he wouldn’t get it. Which is what makes Michael Vick a major league twit.

~ What’s in store for 2010 and beyond? I dunno but I’m sure it will be interesting. My hope is that we remain, or get healthy, and find fulfillment in what we do and who we are.

I’ll leave you with a YouTube video of my favourite song of the year. This clip is a live version from the Letterman show. On my computer, it's very slightly out of sync but that doesn't detract from the performance too much. Hope you enjoy.

Happy New Year!


Althea said...

I read the title...and was a little worried :) No worries :)

Skunkfeathers said...

LOL...sports figures fallen from 'grace' are twits, indeed. But to them I also add the current US Congress: twits spending like drunken sailors, and listening not to the voters on monumental decisions like health care and energy policy. A lot of pink slips need handing out in '10.

The decade just passing was a mixed bag, indeed: deaths in the family and on the work front, and health issues creeping up with age. Still, while I can laugh, I ain't out yet ;-) 'Nuff said.

Happy New Year, and a great 2010 to you, Hilary, Benny, and those closest to you!

Charlie said...

Regarding Vick, I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of his twit-ness. There are people who didn't get wired up properly when they came off the assembly line, and he's a prime example.

Charlie said...


Anonymous said...

Tiger gets my award for Twit, but Vick is right there! Isn't it amazing how time flies with age?!

Reb said...

Maybe Vick thinks he is more than one individual? Probably uses the Royal "We" when speaking of himself. I console myself with the thought that asswipes like that will get flushed eventually.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

Bernita said...

Like you, Frank, I'm glad to leave 2009 behind.

Hilary said...

I'm glad to know that I'm one of your highlights.. along with Benito of course. :) And you chose my favouite song from this year too.. but you knew that. ;)

Good post, dear. :)

Frank Baron said...

Althea dear, were you worried your name would appear? Nonsense! However, if I was tempted to do a Twitette of the Year.... ;)

Skunky, there's no dearth of twits in politics, that's for sure. Thanks for the visit and well-wishing. :)

To you and yours too, Charlie my friend. :)

Meredith, amazing AND a little unnerving.

Reb, same to you and yours. Thanks. :)

Bernita, here's to a happier 2010.

Hil, that should stock me up with brownie points lasting well into the new year, eh? ;)

Leah J. Utas said...

Twit is a polite word, yet accurate as regards Mr. Vick.

All the best to you in 2010, Frank.

Kappa no He said...

Frank, this past decade has brought me to this thing called the Internet, where I've met so many wonderful folks like you and Hilary and The Ben-ster. I'm so very thankful for that. Happy New Year to you all.


Frank Baron said...

And to you and yours, Leah. :)

That goes likewise for us, Terrie. Happy New Year to you and your family too. :)

Land of shimp said...

Weezer! Yay! It always amazes me how diverse the people are who like Weezer, they're one of my son's favorite bands, despite the fact that I introduced them into his life.

Now there's a hopeful sign for the coming year, perhaps we'll all be united in good things yet.

And hopefully Michael Vick -- to whom you are more generous than I could be in calling him a twit and an asswipe, I could fill a profane dictionary with names the man wholeheartedly deserves -- will eventually overcome his biggest obstacle: the length and breadth of his own innumerable failings as a human being.

Michael Vick: evidence of how far we have yet to evolve as human beings but for every Michael Vick there are scores of good people.

You did have a great deal happen in the last ten years, I hope the coming year and the next decade is very good to you. Also, I'm sorry about the loss of your wife, truly.

Frank Baron said...

It's always nice, isn't it Shimp, when we can out-cool our kids. ;)

Thanks for the visit and well-wishes. :)

Dianne said...

I was just talking about Vick with a friend and he was saying Vick had "suffered enough" and I was incredulous!! suffered? WTF!?

Vick really doesn't get it
and he doesn't deserve people trying to 'splain it to him

you have had quite a decade friend
I wish you smoother sailing with twice as much joy and half the sorrow

Grayquill said...

I love how you write!! I would die a happy man if I could write half that well - maybe someday.
Leaving Michael Vick with the title twit was very kind and gracious of you.
I hope this coming decade is kinder to you. Although finding Hillary seems pretty sweet I am sorry it required such a heavy price for that to happen.
May God bless you and Hilary!
Wishing you both the best!

Grayquill said...

Sorry one more comment - Vicks comment on life's hard times - he for sure has no clue.