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Weeds are flowers too - once you get to know them.

- A. A. Milne

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Winter Pics - Starring Benny

Ben appears to be none-too-sure about all this white stuff in the backyard. (You can click on each photo to see them a little larger.)

Before too long though, he's carved himself a path.

The stream tunnels under a small ice bridge. Wouldn't trust it with my weight. Not that I'm large. Heck no. It's the heavy winter clothing. Boots alone are like, 11 pounds. Each.

That tall, oh-so-slim shadow gives you a clue as to the angle of the sun.

Winter's serene, icy beauty is undeniable. In the background, a cedar tree supports its fallen cousin, a victim of a strong nor'easter.

Ben, ever vigilant, suspects the presence of his arch-enemy, Mr. Squirrel.

About two weeks ago, we experienced a sudden thaw and heavy rain. As always, the combination resulted in flooding. The creek usually meanders placidly to the far right of Sons #1 & #2. Here, you can see it running down the center of the pathway, as well as from the left, having curled its way through a stand of cedars.

Back indoors, I took this shot through my none-too-clean kitchen window. Four fluffy mourning doves shelter in a window planter.

The bird feeder out front has been busy this winter, as evidenced by a couple of sparrows and a cardinal, patiently waiting his turn.

Ben is fascinated with Lucy, our African Grey parrot. He doesn't know quite what to make of her and follows her around whenever she's out of her cage. Lucy knows exactly what she'd like to make of Ben -- mincemeat.


Reb said...

Love the look on Ben's face in the first photo. Great photos Frank. I wish we had Cardinals in our area, they are so pretty.

MagnoliaGirl said...

Ahhh, Frank, as always, your photos put me right there- crunching the snow under my feet, breathing in the sweet, cold, clear air! Love the doves especially. It's been an unusually cold winter here, but I have no complaints until summer arrives!

Leah J. Utas said...

Fun in the snow. Wonderful.
Love to see the cardinal. Echo Reb on this point.

bethjura said...

it is a winter wonderland...

Anonymous said...

Benny is such a great dog, spunky, adventurous! I can't visit here or Hilary's w/out wishing we had a nice family dog.

Love the snow picts and the beauty around y'all.

Hilary said...

Great photos and really tough to pick a favourite here. I love the look on Benito's face while looking at Lucy. And his goofy face defying you to open the door to let him in, only to turn around and ignore you when you do. I know that look! And I can never resist those long late-day shadows. Or the birds. All beauties, every one of them. Makes me wish I was right there. ;)

Lori A. Basiewicz said...

Gorgeous photos, Frank.

Frank Baron said...

They sure brighten up a winter's day, that's for sure, Reb.

Correct me if I'm wrong MG, but "unusually cold" in your neck of the woods means you wore a sweater once, right? ;)

Leah, I'm sure you westerners have birds I'd like to see too. Thanks for the visit.

It is indeed Beth -- a long chilly one this year. :)

Ben is all of that Meredith, and then some. :)

You will be tomorrow Hil. :)

Thanks Lori.

Bruce Robinson said...

Only Frank Baron can use Benny, iwth peaceful, tranquil, inviting photographs and words - and have it all make sense. Thanks. Again.

Dianne said...

can never get enough of Benny! I wonder if you could attach a shovel to him? just to see if it works

I never noticed the perfectly round black spot on his side before - it's wonderful - like a giant beauty mark.

Lucy is a beauty as well.

Barbara Martin said...

Benny needs to take care with Lucy or he'll have a chunk taken out of his nose. My standard poodle male had a piece taken out of his nose by an Alexandrian hen I had some years ago.

Adore your country photos.

Eternally Free Spirit said...

Looking at those pictures of Benny in the snow remind me of when I had a dog. He was a shih-tzu named Alex and he loved the snow. One time when taking him for a walk he decided he wanted to just romp around in the stuff for awhile. However when he came in he had snowballs stuck to the fur on his belly! I don't know if it was ice that got frozen there or what but it was funny. Course I didn't find it funny later that day when I stepped a wet spot in stocking feet from where he had been laying and the ice/snow had melted off of him.

I'm not sure what my three cats would think of the snow...Melodi might like it but the other two, probably not.

I love the photo of Benny loooking at Lucy, it's so cute!

Frank Baron said...

Bruce, I'm very glad you enjoy those words. Thanks for letting me know.

Dianne, Benny's becoming a bit of an internet star, largely because of the popularity of Hilary's blog. I'm toying with the idea of T-shirts.... ;)

Barbara, Lucy has taken a couple of shots when Ben ventured too close. So far, his lightning-like reflexes have kept him un-scarred. I have a hunch it's only a matter of time though.

EFS, your pup had long hair, right? Ben's is fairly short and quite coarse. It seems to resist freezing - thank goodness - because otherwise I'd have to buy him one of those wimpy doggie sweaters. ;)

(Some of you who receive copies of comments via email will note that Hilary first posted the above. That's because she's at my house, used my machine, and I didn't sign her out. For like, the umpteenth time....)

Dianne said...

Frank - I think Benny tees are a great idea! I saved a couple of my favorite Benny photos onto my laptop and sometimes I just look at his face and smile
Remind Hilary that she promised more videos ;)

David Kirk said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Frank Baron said...

Dianne, I heard from a fairly reliable source that a new Benny video will be available soon. :)

Ditto with the thanks, David. :)

Kappa no He said...

It came! It came! And I loved the bonus, too.

I didn't realize the spot on Bennie's bum is perfectly round. Cool.

Thank you!


Jenn Jilks said...

We've had the same melts. Our ice on the lake as many inches thick, but cracking. Beautiful photos. Only the edge, the shoreline, melted.

Anonymous said...

All nice shots, especially the one (birds eye/side view) of your dog - I wandered over from Hilary's blog.
I have a curiosity about names. Do you know if in your background, maybe several generations ago, one of your forefathers was a baron (nobility)?

Frank Baron said...

Terrie, if you're happy, I'm ecstatic. :)

Thanks for the kind words and that link, Jenn. I remember ice like that back when I used to ice fish a lot. Had one of my best days when I had to walk through water at the edge of the lake and clamber up onto the remaining ice. I've gotten a tad smarter since. (In some ways.)

Jeannette, I'd love to claim some noble blood but I sure as heck don't know of any. My people come from Ukraine, though there's some hint they arrived there from Scotland. So, if anything, I'm more of a grumpy Cossack than a noble. :)

Moby Dick said...

Jacks are great dogs! The best dog I have ever had. Lots of personality and they are smart too!

Frank Baron said...

You're sure right about that Moby. They're a challenge, but a real treat as well.