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Weeds are flowers too - once you get to know them.

- A. A. Milne

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Toronto, Coining A New Word & An Internet Phenomenon

I'm going to post some pics to illustrate a current column about a recent trip my sons and I took to Toronto.

Here's the lads sitting outside someplace semi-famous. I forget what it is though.

Here they are on a street corner. Colourful eh?

This is a citified pond. There are no fish in it.

Toronto's new City Hall.

Some guys working on sidewalk *artvertising.

Son #1 posing as if the CN Tower is growing out of his head! Pretty nifty eh? I bet everybody will start doing clever stuff like this with photos of other famous objects, like the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa etc. It'll be an internet phenomenon! But remember where you saw it first!

*Dibbs on the new word!


Anonymous said...

I beat you to it.. I have the true dibs on that idea! I was the first I tells ya! ;)


Well ok.. maybe not :)

-Ubi (Dave)

Frank Baron said...

Great shot Dave! And you took it so quickly after getting the idea from my column!

And then back-dated it in a clever attempt to indicate you had the idea before...oh heck....


Anonymous said...

Hilarious shot of Francis, I peed my pants! I see a new geography text book on our students desks,"What Province/City Is Francis In?" by Frank Baron
love Lisa(your sister)and my butt!

Frank Baron said...

Hi Lisa, my sister with the great sense of humour! Not to mention a darn cute butt for a 73-year-old!

Anonymous said...

Gawd they let you out on the prowl and without your legendary sweater!

Lucky the teenwarts were with you to keep you in line ..

As always ... thanks for the chuckles.

Frank Baron said...

Hi Zia. Thanks for dropping by. I miss you. :)

Othmar Vohringer said...

I see you took a trip to the big city. It's a bit like visiting the zoo. Nice to see and nice to go home again.

Time you posted again. I enjoy visiting here to read what you're up to.

Huntwriter aka Othmar

Frank Baron said...

Thanks Othmar. That zoo description can be an apt one. :)

Dawn Wilson said...

Great pics, Frank. :)

Frank Baron said...

Thanks Dawn. Nice to see you. :)