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Weeds are flowers too - once you get to know them.

- A. A. Milne

Monday, August 07, 2006

It's summertime...

and the livin' is laaaaaaaazy.

I bet I'm not the only blogger whose output has diminished in the last month or so. Okay, I hope I'm not the only blogger whose...etc. I've been too darn lazy to look at other blogs to test my theory.

I wrote in my last column about the heatwave affecting much of the northern hemisphere. That's gotta be a factor too. Any and all effort has a consequence -- sweat. One must be judicious in selecting one's actions to ensure they be sweat-worthy. There have been times in the last couple of weeks when the only effort I wanted to expend was tipping a cool beverage in the general vicinity of my face. I even confessed to not fishing during the hours of 9-5 when I was (briefly) up at my cottage.

My Australian friends, (who are weather weinies, allatime bitching about how hot it is Down Under) have been crowing about their pleasant temperatures while I roast. My Brazilian buddy, who shall remain nameless (Oh hi Van!) bragged recently about the single-digit (Celsius) temperatures he experienced there.

My comfort lies in history of course. I know that this too, shall pass. In a month, this searing heat will be a distant memory and another cool, lovely Canadian autumn will be underway.

Hmmm...what excuse will I use to explain my sporadic musings then?

Oh well, I have a month to come up with something. Right now it's too darn hot.


Bhaswati said...

You talk about hot? Come to India in summertime and we'll show you what real mercury soaring feels like. lol

Just recovering from the effects of a 4-month-long intensely hot summer here. I can empathise with your woes perfectly.

Frank Baron said...

Thanks for putting our wee heatwave in perspective Bhaswati. :)

Esther Avila said...

I guess it is hot everwhere. We recently went through more than two weeks of non-stop triple-digit weather. It caused more than 40 deaths (mainly elderly) in California and an astonishing 30,000 deaths of our dairy cattle. Ouch. That's hot.

We had so many days of brownouts and a few blackouts - I coudln't even log on -- so, yes, my posting deminished.

Mark Pettus said...

It ain't the heat...

my ass. It IS the heat.

But that's a poor excuse for not blogging, Frank. Don't you Canoodlians have air conditioners?

Frank Baron said...

Yeah Esther, that was the same heatwave we sweltered through. It's been more pleasant lately though. (But I'm still being lazy.)

Mark, some of us have window air conditioners. Central air is a luxury I don't enjoy though. Yet.