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Weeds are flowers too - once you get to know them.

- A. A. Milne

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Odds n' Ends

Canada has 2100 personnel in Afghanistan, most of them soldiers. The allied forces there are now headed by Canadian General Rick Hillier. Our troops’ role has been expanded to include hunting down Taliban insurgents. As a result, some of our people have been injured and killed recently.

Leader of the New Democrat Party Jack Layton thinks Parliament should debate whether or not we should be there at all. Some Liberals (the folks who sent our men and women there in the first place) agree. Prime Minister Stephen Harper responded by staging an ultra-secret visit to Afghanistan to visit with our troops. He slept on a cot in their encampment. He lined up with the soldiers to eat at the canteen. He told them how important the job they’re doing is and how proud he is of them.

Finally! A leader who does more than grin and mouth empty rhetoric while picking the taxpayer’s pocket.

“But we’re a nation of peacekeepers, not soldiers,” some hand-wringing left-libs cry.

Policemen are charged with keeping the peace too. That means more than helping little old ladies across the street, directing traffic and manning a radar gun. Sometimes it means protecting us from bad guys. Sometimes it means acting instead of reacting. Sometimes it means doing scary, dangerous work far from home.

I’ve done it before and sworn I wouldn’t again but I have. And will.

I’m reading the first book in a series and the next won’t be out ‘til godknowswhen. It’s Tad Williams’ Shadowmarch and it’s terrific. I only have about 50 pages to go and I’m trying to read them very, very s-l-o-w-l-y. My lips aren’t even tired.

Hurry up Tad! Get Shadowplay on the shelves tomorrow!

We just had an enjoyable, albeit brief, flirtation with Spring here in southern Ontario. For a couple of days we had sweater/light jacket weather. Today the temperature is hovering around freezing again and gale-force winds make it feel much colder.

It’s depressing. Like eyeing a pretty girl for a moment, wiping the crumbs off your shirt while rehearsing what you’ll say to her, then watching her climb into some rich dude’s sports car and drive away.

Late breaking news! The Trailer Park Boys are coming to a theatre near you! Watch the teaser and get a glimpse of the most intelligentest and more smarter tv show that probably could ever be! (Thanks to Adam on the AW board for the heads-up.)


Othmar Vohringer said...

I am glad that the weather finally turns for the better in Ontarion. Here we had the most beautiful spring weather over the weekend.
My wife and I went out for two days photographing the countryside and landscapes. On the side I dicovered a few remote fishing holes where rarlely a person ventures.
"To many bears about" I am told. I will go fishing soon, rod in one had and the Remington in the other. It's spring bear hunting season and so I can do both at the same time should a bear decide to lay any claim on any fish I catch.

Othmar Vohringer aka huntwriter

Frank Baron said...

Gee, I hope you're never faced with the situation where you're battling a 10 lb. rainbow and a hungry bear at the same time Othmar. What a dilemma! Do you maybe save your life but lose the fish? Tough call. ;)

Othmar Vohringer said...

I gladly would give up any trophy trout, or bear for that matter, to stay alive. No dilema about that aspect Frank. :)

Othmar Vohringer aka huntwriter

Dawno said...

Happy St. Patrick's day!

Now I'm hungry for fresh salmon...

There was a lot of interesting and thought provoking points in your post. I wish I were less tired and could say something intelligent about them.

I may be back after a good night's sleep in MY NEW BED. ;-)

Frank Baron said...

Glad you didn't let your lack of intelligence stop you from posting Dawno.

That was a JOKE! ;)

Dawno said...


I wanna new post.

I knew you were joking. (((hugs)))

uniquematerial said...

The Zombies are getting restless.
Are you out icefishing?
(Better fresh than frozen)

(My word verification word was:

:p ) Seriously.

Joanne said...

I'm the same way when it comes to reading books of a series. Chomping at the bit until the next book comes out is hard on the teeth. :) Even worse, I don't like reading a book by an author unless I've read the book previously published...whether it is a part of a series or not. Crazy, I know.

Glad the weather there is finally shaping up. Here is PA, it's supposed to be Spring, but it snowed an inch last night. :( I'm still waiting on warm weather.

Frank Baron said...

I hear ya folks. I know I'm overdue for a new post. Been very busy and tomorrow I'm going fishing. Maybe I'll have something to say about that....