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- A. A. Milne

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Amazon Connect - Another Blog-ish Thingy

A few weeks ago I got an email from my publisher's office manager. She was kind of excited about this new program Amazon was offering called Amazon Connect. Here's part of her mail:

Amazon.com is launching Amazon Connect, an exciting new program created specifically for authors. This program will give you direct access to your readers by providing online tools to post messages to their Amazon.com home page. You will be able to create unique messages (from your own pc), similar to a blog, and post them to all readers who have purchased your books on Amazon.com. These messages will also appear on your book detail pages and your new profile page. The profile page, as part of this program, is a customizable “site within a site” including your bio, complete bibliography and any other pertinent information you would like to share with your readers.

Amazon Connect will be a great way to increase your exposure on Amazon.com and provide an innovative tool to directly reach your readers. We hope you’ll find this a tremendously efficient and useful way to develop more frequent communication with your readers, promote new projects and develop stronger reader loyalty. Please see the attached fact sheet and sample Author Profile Page for more information on the program.

I checked it out and decided it sounded kind of nifty so I made my initial post which can be seen about midway down the page listing my book.

I honestly have no clue whether it will help book sales at all. Not sure about the interactivity with the folks who bought it will go either. I suppose when the program officially launches next month I'll get a clearer idea.



ohdawno said...

Darnit, I was all set to start my own personal boycott against Amazon but now you're going to be blogging there. I'll have to come visit and then I'll see something I have to buy...*sigh* couldn't have been B&N, no no...

Saw your list of 4 thingses on Making Light - good for you! I've overcome my self-esteem issues once or twice there myself. Who knows, maybe someday I'll say something there that's interesting enough to get a response :-)

I hope the Amazon thingy does well by you.

Happy New Year!

Frank Baron said...

Thanks for the good wishes you two. I appreciate it. :)

It should be an interesting experiment. I'll give occasional progress reports once it goes live.