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Weeds are flowers too - once you get to know them.

- A. A. Milne

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some Words & Pics (#238)

Along about the tail end of winter, Sons #1 & 2 went out into the field to do a little hunting. It was a cold, dreary day and you'd think most self-respecting varmints would have the sense to stay curled up in their lairs. And I guess most probably did.

One didn't.

Despite their low expectations, the lads wandered around the field, taking turns waving their weapon - a stick.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a white blur leaped and clamped his jaws onto the stick wielded by Son #2! The battle was on!

The furious fangfest lasted a full five minutes. Finally, #2's superior height advantage began to takes its toll and with a final quiver, it was over.

The boys had bagged a rare Spotted Southern Canadian JRT, locally known as a Benny. (Remember, click on each pic if you'd like to see a larger version.)

That'll likely do for the wordy part of the program. From here, I'll restrain myself to a line or two introducing each pic.

Once we got the critter home he roused himself and we didn't have the heart to re-stick him. So we decided to keep him. For a day or two he pined for the fields. Or maybe it was for a squirrel. But he got over it.

We've had far more than our share of dreary days this Spring. It's like living in Britain or Vancouver. Truth to tell, I don't mind it all that much when it comes to photography. Colour saturation is great on wet days and of course, mood is much more present than on a typical sunny day.

I like the melancholy, meditative mood of this photo of my kitchen window.

There's a pond near Hilary's house that dishes out wonderful photo opportunities, as the many visitors to her blog will attest. This bench overlooks one end of the pond.

This Spotted Sandpiper didn't mind the rain a bit. He was busy fishing below the dam at the other end of the pond.

You might be wondering about that saturated colour I mentioned. Here's a wee sample of what I meant.

Some of the Creator's handiwork relies heavily on damp days to ease their transportation issues.

There are two large, beautiful willow trees bracketing the pond. Even on a gloomy day, they're majestic. This one is the older of the two and still early on in the leafing process.

The next photo post will feature some of my feathered, furred and finned buddies. Stay tuned.


Pauline said...

I've never seen such a brilliantly colored snail shell. Benny stories crack me up - makes me miss having a dog. Glad to see winter has departed from your parts, too. It's full on spring here :)

Your cousin Chris said...

Amazing snail photo!

Linda said...

These are wonderful photos, Frank. I have to go with Benny, the squirrel, and the tulips for a favorite, though. There must be JRT nose prints on every window in your house. :)

Hilary said...

That crazy little dog... how I love him. And Linda's right.. and at my house, too.

I posted snails today too but you've been slooooow at making your way over there.

Fun and familiar stuff. And very nice photos. Now, please make this rain stop.

Zia said...

Made me smile Frank. I think that squirrel has an oddsie relation here, a possum who loves to prance and preen on the fence line in direct sight of the wolves ... then when you think he is a gonner, he drops behind the fence! Leaving them grumbling and plotting revenge!

Cay Sehnert said...

Snail mail wasn't working. Fantastico presentation-ish. Meanwhile, Pedro in the market in Puerto Vallarata asks, "I forgave him for cutting me, but how do I make my escar go away?

Dianne said...

I love the expression on your son's faces, especially the one with Benny-On-A-Stick

I think I'm gonna get me a stick and go a huntin' for a Benny
do they travel this far into the states?

all your photos are wonderful

kcinnova said...

"a rare Spotted Southern Canadian JRT" -- This made me laugh out loud! (I might have startled the cat) That picture is an absolute prize, Frank. :)

I love the shot of Benny looking out the window with the tulips beside him, and the close-ups of the rain-kissed buds and the gorgeous snail are gems, too.

texwisgirl said...

oh your dog is PRECIOUS!!! crazed but precious! came over from hilary's spot to say hello. lovely park shots!

Leah J. Utas said...

Loved the snail, and the window.

Ruth Cooke said...

The Benny-on-a-stick is so precious. Where can I get one? :D

Frank Baron said...

I'm relieved too, Pauline. That winter was oh-so tedious.

Thanks, Chris. :)

Thank you, Linda. And you're absolutely right about those nose prints.

Hil, you'd best pack your brolly and Sou'wester. We got more wet on the way....

Zia, it's funny isn't it, how some of the lunchable critters learn to tease those who would feast on them? The adult squirrels here stay JUST out of Ben's leaping range and taunt him by flashing their backsides.

Cay, I have the perfect, witty response but am too shellfish to share.

Thanks, Dianne. And I have it on pretty good authority that local variants of the Spotted JRT can be found throughout North America. But...be careful what you wish for.... ;)

Glad you enjoyed, kc. Thanks for letting me know. :)

Hiya tex. Thanks for the visit. :)

I'm glad, Leah.

Ruth, they seem to have a way of just appearing in one's life. Nice to see you. It's been a while. :)

Thanks all, for taking the time to visit and leave your mark. You're very kind. :)

Skunkfeathers said...

Gotta be on the alert for those 'attack Bennys'. No relation to a 'Jack Benny', I think...

Charlie said...

Another snail fan here. Bee-yoo-tee-ful photo.

Reb said...

Benny on a stick is cute as ever. I really like the snail and the willow shots.

missing moments said...

Came over from Hillary's to take a peek and say 'hi' ...
Benny on a stick ... too funny!
Squirrels just love to taunt the dogs, don't they.

chris williams said...

Great pics, frank! Keep 'em coming!

Grayquill said...

I don't understand all that saturation lingo but I do understand a dog on a stick but mine usually come hairless. BTW-Nice pictures - you're more talented than your supposed to be. I think that is a good problem. Good work.

June said...

I know what you mean about cloudy dreary days and how much better the photos come out! Cameras see things differently.

Benny on a stick! Too funny.
I met a Benny dog a week or two ago. He was waiting outside our office with his people. JRTs are not good at "waiting," and his dad had stuffed him into a backpack because he'd been on his way to Out Of Control. His name is Spud and he liked it when I tunneled my hand from his crown down off his muzzle, softly saying, "Spuuuud....Spuuuud..."

Frank Baron said...

No, Skunky. On his best day, Jack Benny couldn't jump as high as Jack Russell Benny. ;)

Thanks, Charlie. :)

Glad you liked, Reb. Thanks for taking the time.

Hi, missing. They sure do. Thanks for dropping by.

Thanks, Chris.

GQ, I wrestled a tad with the "supposed to be" thing and have decided it was a compliment. Thanks!! ;)

June, sounds like you're a natural Dog Whisperer. Thanks for the visit. :)

Grayquill said...

Absolutely, a compliment.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful, if wet, photos!

Frank Baron said...

Had a hunch, GQ but glad you verified. ;)

Thank you, ladyfi. :)

Anonymous said...

Finally found my way over here. Of course it helps you send me directions in my email when you post. :) Loved all the pictures, can''t pick a favorite, tried, nope, love them all. Thanks for brightening my day. We seemed to have skipped Spring here in Ok, well except for the week of tornadoes, and went straight for summer. Still, it's a nice change. Nita

Frank Baron said...

Hiya Nita. Always nice to hear from you. I hope you'll follow the breadcrumbs more often. ;)

KElster said...

the Ben on a stick pic was great. Now I am going to wait fot that to be the latest deep-fried offereing at local county fairs.

I miss trivia, but I cant remember how to get there or I would come visit. Ah well. Nice to see you and Hilary again.