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Weeds are flowers too - once you get to know them.

- A. A. Milne

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hithering & Yonning (#224)

Yep. That's what I've been doing. Hithering here and yonning thither. Coming home in time to find a computer that's nearly completely fritzed and has to be reformatted. Now, I'm hieing myself back to the cottage in the morning.

I haven't had time to write anything so I'm going to upload a few more pics for (I hope) your viewing pleasure. (Remember, you may click each photo if you wish to see a larger version.)

Ben's presence gives you some idea of the size of these fungi. Ben is 4 feet long and weighs 137 pounds.
(The previous sentence bears no resemblance to the truth.)

Even dead trees contribute much to the environment. This one, near Hilary's place, is a favourite of mine. Despite its gnarled and broken limbs, it emanates a sense of pride, echoes of previous grandeur.

You're going to have to take my word for this next one, folks. There is a bunny in the photo. Really. You can't see him because he's invisible. Every bunny worth its salt knows that if it remains stock still, it cannot be seen. The only reason I can assure you there is indeed a rabbit in the picture is because Nature has gifted me with Heightened Awareness. It comes naturally to fishermen who have spent several decades staring at sun-splashed water. (All the details are in my book that I never mention anymore which is still in print and called What Fish Don't Want You to Know.) 

Anyway, trust me, there's a bunny in the picture below.

This mud flat along the creek is a popular spot for small birds and mammals to bathe and drink.

I like this night shot taken at the park near Hilary's. The light appears to swoop towards (away from?) the light standard, giving an appearance of ghostly, golden motion.

The jumbled pile of roots, trunks and limbs found near a bend in the creek is always photo fodder for me. From any angle, the textures and shapes are interesting studies.

For the most part, overcast, grey days provide a flat light that doesn't do much to "prettify" a scene. But I like the soft, muted, near black and white shot of a wee chickadee on a log. I watched it enter and leave the knot hole just to its left in the photo. I can only presume it was assessing it for nest-worthiness. Apparently it was found wanting because I returned several times and didn't see the bird again.

Lastly, here's photo of a small brook trout. Five seconds after I snapped the shutter, the colourful little guy was swimming away. If we hook up again in a couple of years, he may not be so lucky.

Before you go, I crave a boon. I'd like those of you who aren't regular visitors to Hilary's blog to please do so in order to read about a young woman named Mandi. Mandi is betrothed to the grandson of a friend of mine (and talented artist) Elaine Sell Prefontaine. Hilary did a great job spotlighting the tale and I'm going to piggyback on her work. Please take a few minutes and read the entry here.

Thanks, all.


Hilary said...

Some great photos here. I love that pond-side tree too. It almost never fails to offer a great photo opportunity.. including this one.

Who knew that there was a ghost in my park at night?

There's a definite troll in those tree roots and limbs though.

I love the sparrow.. shadow.. light.. texture.. mood.. it's got it all.

Somewhere I have a photo of you taking that picture of the trout. ;)

I'm looking forward to heading back up to the cottage tomorrow... after I walk your very big, very heavy dog, that is.

Grayquill said...

That was one big lunker, using the Benny scale. And, I see two rabbits. No! I haven’t been drinking.

Barbara Martin said...

Great photos, Frank. I didn't know Jack Russells got so large. You must be feeding him some kind of magic formula dog food.

Leah J. Utas said...

Frank, those pics are fascinating. I see an elongated wolf's skull in one of the roots and I imagine that's the ultimate fate of the Big Bad Wolf.

CherylK said...

Well, as a huge fan of Hilary's I was delighted to find a link to your blog. So you're Frank. Happy to meet you. Love the photos and your writing style! Am heading over to Hilary's now to read about Mandi...must have missed that post.

Tabor said...

A good camera eye to see the beauty in simple things.

Pauline said...

The shape in the 6th photo looks like something that might eat that invisible bunny.

Always fun tagging along with you and your camera -

Dianne said...

wow! I can see the bunny
I must be one of those bunny whisperer folks

love the ghost in Hil's park and apparently the ghost likes and trusts you

great shots my friend

hugs to Benny - who knew he was such a giant in stature not just in heart

Elizabeth Guy said...

Great shots, as usual.

I especially love the park shot. It's beautifully spooky, and could so easily be the bookcover of a suspense or paranormal.

Reb said...

Benny is huge! What have you been feeding him?

The invisible bunny is adorable and I love the ghost lights in the park. Now, that tree root is a dragon protecting its baby, so I would be careful there.

Skunkfeathers said...

The shutter displays what the shooter sees.

Off to read your recommendation.

Frank Baron said...

Thanks for all those spiffy comments, Hil. Might be a record. :)

GQ, your Heightened Awareness must exceed mine. I'd have have a drink or five in order to spot a couple of bunnies. Thanks for the visit.

Thanks Barbara. Could be the food. Maybe just something in the air. :)

Leah, I like your interpretation. Glad you enjoyed the pics. :)

Nice to meet you too, Cheryl. Thanks for dropping by. :)

Thanks, Tabor.

Glad you enjoyed, Pauline. Thanks for the visit and letting me know.

Thanks, Dianne. I prefer to stay on good terms with all ghosts (and most folks). Glad you enjoyed the visit because I always take away something positive from my visits to your blog.

Elizabeth, if you write it, I'll donate the pic for the cover. ;) Glad you liked the shots.

Reb, thanks for the visit. I'm pleased you liked the pics. And I'm always careful around tree roots. I can trip just thinking about them. ;)

Thanks for the visit, Skunky.

Bruce Robinson said...

Post hypnotic suggestion: Heightened Awareness. Must read book again.

Frank Baron said...

I like the way you think, Bruce. Or have been programmed to think....