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Weeds are flowers too - once you get to know them.

- A. A. Milne

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

PETA - What Word Doesn't Belong In That Acronym?

If you said "ethical" - go to the head of the class.

I addressed PETA's concerns about fishing in my book. I was respectful and polite. I acknowledged their concerns while disagreeing with some of them.

Recently I came upon their anti-fishing comic book. (You'll need Adobe to see it.)

How can I put this politely? Hmmm...I know!

It's bullshit. It packages half-truths with lies and mixes in some heavy-handed, sickening, emotional child abuse. (I especially like the line about kittens and puppies being "next" on Daddy's hit list.)

What it is not is "ethical."

I've lost the remaining vestiges of respect I once had for that organization and will, from this day forward, work actively against it.

Gee, I feel a slight chill. I think I'll club a baby seal and make a new tuque. Oh nevermind. There's a kitten.


mogie222 said...

Frank, what do YOU have to pissed off about? I love to fish too, yet there is no "Mommy Kills Animals" comic book? I'm being discriminated against and I am bitter and angry. I want my bloodlust to be validated.

Frank Baron said...

How callous of me not to feel your pain mog.

I think I'll stick a hook in my hand. Again.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Welcome to the anti PETA front Frank. I been fighting and exposing PETA for many years.

The cartoon you mention is shoking to me as I have seen very similar cartoon books my parents showed me. They where from the Nazis "profiling" the Jews. My parents showed them to us so we never would forget, and I haven't.

Othmar Vohringer

Unique said...

If animals aren't here to eat, why did God make 'em taste so good?

Frank Baron said...

Othmar, the depths to which they've sunk really makes one question their agenda - not to mention their sanity.

Unique, your reasoning, as usual, is faultless. ;)

mogie222 said...

There is something fishy going on over at PETA.

Get it? "Fishy" at PETA?

*walking away laughing like mad at her cleverocity*

Hilary said...

Oh for the love of Cod, mogie! Walleye, for one filet line has been crossed with your fish pun, and even though you probably said it just for the halibut, it doesn't minnowmize its impact... you've given me a haddock (Salmon stop me please...).

Chris Williams said...

PETA schmeta. They lost my respect long ago, and I'm actually FOR the ethical rreatment of animals. I just don't think we need to be insane to treat animals better than has customarily been the case. Fishing, hunting, seeing animals in zoos are not, in my estimation, by nature unethical or immoral (except trophy hunting, which I find distateful in the extreme). Go Frank!

Anonymous said...

Thank heavens there are some people who see through this lot. THey will be happy when we all die of starvation as they would rather we didn't eat animals of any kind, use them for anything or even tough them. WOnder how long they would survive in the world then?

September said...

My daughter had to do a report on PETA last year. We started on one side and by the time we did some searching, we switched sides. No, my daughter does not believe in killing baby kittens - but heck! Some of the things we learned in the research - were simply STUPID! If a true PETAian could have his way, no one would own a pet (they are to be treated as equals), we would still have smallpox (animals can not be used for medical purposes) and forget about protecting endangered species or visitng zoos - they are evil. AUUGHHH --- don't get me started, Frank.

Frank Baron said...

Hilary, you bass todd. :)

Frank Baron said...

Thanks Chris!

Raelene, they don't let things like logic dissuade them.

Esther, I'm glad you were there to provide counterbalance (and sense) for your daughter.

Jenna Glatzer said...

Sick! Man, they just get more and more off the wall, don't they?

Frank Baron said...

Yep they do Jenna. I really don't understand the folks that still support them after seeing crud like that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I didn't know you had a blog! Splendid.


Harry Connolly said...

Actually, there *is* a Mommy Kills Animals comic book! (Warning: that link opens a pdf file.)

Frank Baron said...

Hiya Fernmonkey. Bet you didn't know I also deal cards left-handed. ;)

Harry - thanks. I think. They must be great at doing the limbo eh? What with stooping so low allatime.

Dean said...


Read about the NC PETA case. They took adoptable animals from a shelter and a vet office promising to find homes then they were busted euthanizing the animals and tossing their bodies in a dumpster before even getting out of town.

Dean said...

Dog breeders in California are under attack from PETA/HSUS backed bills. Please go vote in this popular poll and help keep the government out of the pet business.


Frank Baron said...

I'll check out those links Dean.

webdude said...

An FYI...


(I-Newswire) - On a local Minnesota fishing website, many fishermen are expressing their outrage at PETA’s aggressive anti-fishing campaign. In response to recent posts on My Fishing Pals' message forum ( www.myfishingpals.com ), anglers from across Minnesota are showing a united front against the efforts of PETA. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and other animal rights groups are aggressively attempting to inhibit all hunting and fishing in Minnesota and other states. These groups are intently focusing their attack on sport fishing, a traditional Minnesota pastime. PETA's message is that recreational anglers cause extreme and needless pain to fish and bait. Their agenda is to heighten the public's awareness to the killing of any fish or animal. In addition, they desire to promote animal rights at the grassroots level, spreading awareness in communities and making sure their message is visible and heard.

To spread their animal rights agenda on a public fishing forum, though, is a slap in the face to all who enjoy hunting and fishing, especially in a state like Minnesota. Known as the “land of 10,000 lakes,” Minnesota offers some of the best hunting and fishing in the nation and these traditions are considered Minnesota’s heritage, recreation, and a vital part of the State’s economy. Regular members of the forum are expressing their rights to hunt and fish and the positive role they play in wildlife management. They are telling PETA to “…go home, we don’t want you here.”

My Fishing Pals ( www.myfishingpals.com ) originated in 2003 as a hobby-fishing site that welcomes Minnesota fishermen to share fishing reports, information, and other items related to fishing. In 2005 a controversial forum was created on the site so that Minnesota fishermen could address fishing and hunting issues. These controversial forums have become an avenue for hunters and fishermen to voice their opinions and concerns and, at times, defend traditional Minnesota values.

Frank Baron said...

Thanks webdude. We need to fight their misinformation with honest information.