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- A. A. Milne

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pamela Anderson (both of her) and a nice story

Unique seems to have taken on the task of being my Muse. She's hinted rather broadly that it's past time for another entry. So blame this one on her.

I read a nice story in the newspaper this morning. A young woman from New Jersey, Lindsay Scharzwaelder, (you can't make those up) was vacationing in Ontario in January. She and her boyfriend were returning from a ski trip when they lost control of their car on a very snowy road. The car rolled over and ended up in a ditch. Luckily, both Lindsay and her boyfriend were unhurt and walked away.

Later, she discovered that two rings she'd removed while skiiing and placed in the car door's armrest were gone. They'd must have fallen out into the snow when they opened the door after the accident.

Lindsay was distraught at the loss of the rings and tried to call the 1-800 number the attending police officer had given her. But it didn't work from the States so she wrote a letter to the Ontario Provincial Police, asking if it would be possible for an officer to look for the rings after the snow melted.

Last Sunday, OPP Constable Russell Elliott walked along the ditch near where the accident had occurred months before. He didn't have much hope of finding the rings but figured he'd give it a shot. He shone a flashlight around the muddy area and something gleamed.

Uh-huh. It was one of the rings. He dug around in the mud nearby and found the other one too.

They are now back where they belong, on Lindsay's fingers in New Jersey. She's happy. Constable Elliott is happy. I'm happy I read it.

Also last Sunday, I watched the Juno Awards, Canada's equivalent to the Grammys. The show was hosted by two of Canada's most famous expatriates, Pamela Anderson.


I hadn't watched the Junos in decades, since back in the days when Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfooot, Count Basie and the Guess Who copped all the hardware. The show was boring and predictable. (Those words should be synonyms.)

But I was drawn to it this year because the Canadian music industry is booming, with lots of individuals and bands worth a listen. Michael Buble, a crooner in the Tony Bennett tradition, was the big winner, with several awards. But The Arcade Fire, Bedouin Sound Clash and Nickelback didn't go home empty handed. Bryan Adams was deservedly elected to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. (I forgive him his recent obsession with power ballads because Summer of 69 is one of the great rock anthems.)

Coldplay and the Black Eyed Peas also performed and help present awards. All in all, it was an enjoyable show and Pamela and Pamela had nothing to do with it. Hardly anything. Much.

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Unique said...

I'll drop my address in your underwear myself if you can explain to me how to sign up; and update your blog regularly; and make sure your column *is* weekly; and you fry me some catfish.


Frank Baron said...

In my underwear?! But I don't know where your address has been!! ;)

All you have to do is send me an email Unique. That way I can just add your addy to my subscription list.

I promise to update the blog (fairly) regularly. And the column IS weekly (except for the occasional times it's not.)

And if you clean 'em, I'll fry 'em. :)

Dawno said...

Dangit - if I had known I could get something out of Frank when I subscribed to his column I woulda done so.

The story about the rings is lovely. Canadian folk are really nice.

Please, don't apologise for it, either, ok?

Mark Pettus said...

I sure thought I subscribed to that newsletter once upon a time, in fact I actually recieved one edition. I don't think I dropped my name in your underwear... and if that's required, then you just nevermind.

By the way, some things are totally predictable and not at all boring. I could give you an example, but you already mentioned Pamela Anderson, so I'll just let you think on that.

Frank Baron said...

Dawno - wasn't even thinking of apologizing. Sorry.

Mark - maybe you signed up just before one of my annual computer crashes, whereupon I lose all the new signees since my last save.

Which reminds me....