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- A. A. Milne

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Stephen Colbert

Do I write about the Man? Or the Legend?


They are as one.

Stephen Colbert is the host of The Colbert Report ("report" is pronounced "reh-pore" - as if en francais) seen Monday-Thursday on the Comedy Channel at 11:30 pm, EST, following Jon Stewart's The Daily Show.

Stephen reports (pronounced "re-ports") on the day's events (primarily USA-based) from a hard right perspective.


But it doesn't take too-too much reading between the lines to see where his sympathies lie.

His, (or rather, his character's) ego is as big as all outdoors, vaguely reminiscent of Peter Seller's Inspector Clouseau. There's no indignity of his hero, George Bush's, that he, Colbert, can't rise above.

The show is wickedly funny. Kudos to the writers and kudos to Colbert for pulling it off in the first place, and sustaining it night after night.

And kudos to Son #1 for getting me to watch it in the first place.

Here's a link to a site devoted to Colbert. Watch some clips if you want a chuckle.


Dawno said...

I commend your son's taste in fake news reporting. :-) We love the Colbert Report around here. It's a good thing he doesn't square off against Jon Stewart for President. I think it would break up my 15 year relationship with the SO.

Speaking of former Daily Show folk, have you seen "The 40 Year Old Virgin" yet?

Frank Baron said...

Nope Dawno, haven't seen it. I'm about six years behind in my movie watching. I'm new to the Daily Show too. So I gather the 40-year-old virgin guy is a former reg?

Unique said...

Who's Stephen Colbert? Any relation to Claudette?

Frank Baron said...

Unique - no relation that I know of. ;)

I'm gonna edit my post to include a link to a site devoted to his show. You can watch some clips to get an idea of his style.

Anonymous said...

I'm more of a Mercer report kinda guy.

Still, about the only thing that might induce me to sit through the Oscars is Jon hosting.

"And the winner of Best lighting in a music/comedy by a visable minority so low on the Hollywood industry scale that they don't even warrant a free gown is..."

Dawno said...

The 40 Year Old Virgin stars Steve Carell who was a Daily Show regular in the first seasons - that weird bald guy replaced him. He's (Steve, not the weird bald guy) also the lead character in the US version of The Office and had a role in the Jim Carrey movie Bruce Almighty as the anchorman that made funny noises...

I find him funnier than Colbert and not quite as funny as Jon.

Frank Baron said...

Hiya ann. Yeah, I'm gonna watch too, for the first time since, geez, probably the early 80s. Haven't seen any of the nominated movies but am curious about how Stewart will do.

Dawno, I've seen him in The Office and I'll check out that movie some time.

I haven't seen Stewart a whole lot. I think he's very smart and funny but he seems to telegraph his punch lines sometimes. Colbert still catches me off guard.

Dawno said...

Good point about the telegraphing of lines. There are times he goes off on the Jerry Lewis thing, too, that bug me, but I'm a great believer in accepting small flaws for the greater enjoyment. It's the same thing with suspension of disbelief. My SO gets frustrated over things that I just say *meh - until this one totally jumps the shark, I'll forgive the little faux pas"

Doncha love how sometimes it seems like the folk who Colbert interviews are completely clueless? Doesn't anyone *warn* them?

Frank Baron said...

I noticed that too Dawno and wondered if it was because his show is new? Maybe it's only because I've recently "discovered" it but I got the impression it hasn't been around long enough for some authors and publicists to really know what they're getting into.

Anonymous said...

ed the voice of Ace for "Saturday Night Live" (1975)'s "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" segments. The voice of Gary is provided by fellow "The Daily Show" (1996) correspondent Steve Carell.

Is deaf in his right ear.

The youngest of eleven children.

Is a huge Lord of the Rings fan and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the series. Specifically recorded an entire biography of LOTR character Aragorn from memory when Viggo Mortensen appeared on "The Daily Show" (1996). Mortensen kindly sent Colbert a platter full of LOTR characters carved out of chocolate.

Frank Baron said...

Thanks for that extra info Guru. All but the youngest of eleven was news to me. :)